- How To Find Your Workout -

- How To Find Your Workout -

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I'm by no means a fitness expert, a personal trainer, or a gym rat. But, I am someone who knows that the benefits of exercise make me feel better (and nicer). I've listed below some workouts - only things that I have personally tried - along with questions. If you answer 'yes,' then you should definitely give that workout a try! Not all of these have been my cup of tea, so it's cool if you're also not crazy about a few. Let's get started:


  • Do you like to workout with a buddy?
  • Do you enjoy a slower, yet intense pace?
  • Do you like set schedules?




  • Do you like to go at your own pace?
  • Do you prefer to DJ your workout?




  • Do you prefer be told what exercises to do?
  • Do you love to punch/kick/uppercut out frustration?
  • Do you like a very quick-paced workout?

Spin Class.

  • Do you like competition?
  • Do you like to workout in a group setting?
  • Do you find cardio to be a rush?


  • Do you like comfy pants?
  • Do you like the option of a group class or solo practice?

What's your favorite workout? xx

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