- Holiday Giving -


With Christmas being this Saturday - I'm sorry, what? - I figured I would share some Christmas thoughts that have been on my mind. I've had the urge to keep this holiday season light on the gifts + glam. I am finding even more reason to skip the presents - not all presents, but most. So, what am I doing instead?

  • Share a Meal. Good food and good people are the best combination. I would much rather spend money on a fun and memorable dinner with my best friend than on a purse for her. I also like to buy someone less fortunate a meal when I can. Although sometimes it's only a Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwich or a coffee from 7-Eleven, it matters.
  • Travel. It can get pretty pricey to do a trip in place of a material gift. A mini vacation doesn't have to be a plane ride away. Keep it simple with a day trip involving pitstops and photos!
  • Create Something. This option can be tough. I've given countless portraits out as presents over the years, which my friends and family have actually treasured more than when I've purchased a big gift. You don't have to be able to draw to make your own present! Relying on Pinterest is always an option ;)

What are you planning to give this holiday season, lovelies? xx

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