- Hair Talk: Redken -

The tale of curly hair is truly an emotional rollercoaster ride. Along with your locks having a mind of their own - frizzy one day, crunchy the next, the occasional limp hair day thrown in the mix - it can be incredibly difficult to gain length. At 15, I was tired of my longish curly hair + I made the chop. It is perhaps the only decision I have ever regretted. It has taken me years to grow my fine curly hair to the length that I had almost a decade ago. I'm sure you're dying to know, what helped me achieve my goal? Redken Strength and Conditioning Shampoo and Conditioner. Enjoy my Redken FAQ below:

How did you decide on Redken's Strength and Conditioning Shampoo + Conditioner?

I had to identify the culprit of my stubborn short hair, which turned out to be breakage. My fine curly hair was breaking before it could even get to the point of split ends. It was perpetually short to medium length for years. I finally diagnosed it with Redken's strengthening formula, after the recommendation of several friends.

When did you begin to notice a change in your hair?

After just one month.

How long have you been using Redken?

Three years.

How do you know it is Redken's formula that caused the hair growth? Could it just be the change in hair over time?

I'm no hair care expert, but I can confidently say that Redken is the reason for my hair's length. Over the past three years I have experimented with a couple of other brands and during those periods I noticed my length staying the same. You can read more about my hair journey here.

There you have it - my absolute favorite shampoo + conditioner! What's yours, lovelies? xx

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