- Hair Secrets -


I could hold a lot of secrets in this head of hair, but I'd rather share them. Many of you have asked about my hair care routine. Let's face it, curly hair has a bad rep. It's often been labeled as 'unmanageable,' written off as 'frizzy,' or it's been flat ironed to 'perfection.' I've got a few tips for the curly-haired girl. You're not alone, ladies!

1. Leave your conditioner on your ends. Seems weird, right? But, trust, it's not. When your hair is frizzy, it means that your locks are dry. Not washing out the conditioner on your ends helps to moisturize. This trick can even make your hair appear longer!

2. Do not brush your hair. But won't that lead to dreadlocks? Nope! Brushes cause breakage, especially with delicate curly hair. Comb through your hair with your fingers while you're still in the shower. Repeat this after your shower to evenly distribute the conditioner. 

3. Use an oil. After your shower, take a quarter-sized amount of oil and sparingly apply it to the ends and the mid-shaft of your hair. Apply any leftover oil to sections of your hair that are frizz prone. 

Anyone have any more frizz-taming tips?

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