- FAQ: Qustom Quinns -

- FAQ: Qustom Quinns -

Photographer |  Chris Marciano

Photographer | Chris Marciano

Simply describing my business is a task I've always had trouble with. So many people have reached out to ask, 'what do you do?' It's easy to explain in person, but on social media and in a blog post it's been tough to explain. Today I'm answering some frequently asked questions I get about Qustom Quinns - everything from drawing to blogging to beauty to interests. 

Is your name Qustom?

Nope - my name is Quinn. 'Qustom' is a play on the word, 'custom,' since I customize sneakers, etc. with my drawings.

How did Qustom Quinns get started?

First and foremost, I'm a fine artist. Always have been and hopefully always will be! I talked a little bit about my history with art here. Qustom Quinns are actually what my custom sneakers are called.

When did you create your first pair of sneakers?

My boyfriend, now fiance, loved my artwork and also loved sneakers. For his birthday, I drew a collage of these random things that he liked on white slip-on Vans in office pen. Fun fact: I cried before I drew on them because I was so worried I was going to screw them up. They were a size 13 pair of white canvas just staring at me.

What do you draw?

Whatever you want me to draw! Send me a photo and I draw on light-colored canvas shoes, tote bags, hats, pillows, and of course, paper. I'm serious. Details on the process are right here.

Do you still draw? Don't you just blog now?

I get this question a lot...I absolutely still draw. My business has evolved into two different sectors: the blog and the shop. My main Instagram account covers everything from my daily life, outfits, travels, sponsored content and drawings. My shop Instagram account only contains my artwork. 

Is Qustom Quinns your full-time job?

Heavens, no. I have a full-time career by day and fit drawing and blogging into my spare time.

How do you grow your Instagram followers?

There is no magic involved - that's for sure. Everyone who asks this question is always disappointed by my response. Consistency is key. Be engaged and be engaging.

How do you deal with any haters?

I'm a stand-up comedian. Before that I was a fat kid. Hecklers and bullies have hardened me to most negativity. Anyone who takes the time to try to make your day negative is disappointed with their own mediocrity. Haters are a great thing, actually. Haters are fantastic. Haters are confirmation that people are looking at your stuff.

Who takes your photos?

Mainly my mom and my fiance. I have a film degree, so I tend to do most of the photography I'm not in.

If you have any other questions, ask away! I'd love to hear from you. I'm also toying around with answering a few questions with a video. We'll see how ambitious I get ;)

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