- Double Duty Products -

Since most of my traveling is spontaneous, I always have a tiny bag on hand with my favorite products.  You've asked what I use when I travel, so here it is in 40 seconds!

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1. Vaseline. Don't knock it 'til you try it. This bad boy does it all. I primarily use it as an eye cream, a chapstick, an eyebrow gel, and a makeup remover.

2. Baby Powder. The OG dry shampoo. This is also the quickest and most successful way to remove sand from your legs + feet! For a beach bum like me, baby powder is key.

3. L'Oreal Dry Oil. Whether I'm at the beach or the gym, it's inevitable that my hair will begin to dry out + frizz in the heat. A little spritz of this formula will bring my curl back instantly.  

4. Mascara. The mecca of beauty, in my opinion. Nothing like adding a little length + volume to your look. If I'm feeling dramatic, I'll use a waterproof black/brown mascara as an eyebrow gel as well.

Any other products I  should add to my arsenal?

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