- DIY: Coffee Bean Decor -

I'll admit it - some days I feel like I have it all together and there's other days when I have trouble finding stockings without 82 runners in them. On a Sunday shopping trip, I mistakenly bought a giant bag of coffee beans instead of ground coffee. Monday morning me wasn't thrilled, but when life gives you coffee beans, create coffee decor!

I love love the smell of coffee, so the thought of smelling those beans during my workday was a no-brainer. I have accumulated quite a few glass containers and I also have an embarrassing love for fake flowers. Let's combine all three into the easiest DIY!

To make your own coffee bean decor:

  • Purchase your coffee beans! I chose a French roast (admittedly at first just to drink...).
  • Choose a clear container. I preferred something large + glass.
  • Pick a few fake flowers. The dollar store has a great assortment if you really dig through their selection.
  • Fill up your container with coffee beans.
  • 'Plant' your flowers.
  • Place your new creation at your workspace + feel awake all day long ;) 

What would you do with a huge bag of coffee beans and no grinder, lovelies? xx

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