- Balance -

Weekdays can be tough. Having a work-life balance is the topic of conversation for everyone who is, well, working. How do you find the time to go to work, excel at your job, dress nicely, eat well, exercise regularly, keep up with your hobbies, and - oh yeah, socialize? After surveying a handful of my peers and reading up on the concept of 'balance,' I've come to find: you actually can do it all! Just not at once.

I find that most weeks I'm accomplishing mostly everything I set out to do - but sometimes, this has me feeling a bit like a machine. When working nonstop spills into your weekends, it's time to make a change. I'm taking my weekends back! And you guys should too. In order to crack down on my no working weekend policy, I've come up with a few aids:

Block off the time. Physically highlight two days in your planner that you are taking off per week - or at least one for you overachievers. If you don't have a planner, get one.

Take a weekend away. I get it, you can't jet off every weekend, but when you can - do it. You're way less likely to agonize over work or stress if you're exploring a new city.

Just stop it. Tough love is a great way to make yourself more productive and more relaxed. If you feel your mind wandering towards work, immediately tell yourself 'no.' Distract yourself with a book or a walk or a cup of coffee. You're still a kid at heart - you can be easily distracted. It just has to be with the right activities. 

Perspective. Any time you may be beating yourself up, just remember space. Literally, space. You are a super tiny little speck that's a part of this great big awesome universe. And the fact that you ate way too much cake way too late on a Tuesday night does not matter. The fact that you forgot to pick up your shirts from the dry cleaner is not life altering. It's all okay! You're fine. Trust me.

I'm always interested, what advice do you give yourself? xx

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