- Are You What You Want to Be? -

Every day, I'm learning lots of lessons. Some are fun, some are difficult, and others are eye-opening. As I experience these things - either personally or through others - I like to share. Sharing is caring, right? 

Are you what you want to be? And, no, I'm not talking career-wise. Are YOU what you want to be? Figure out what it is you're truly after and become it. Do you want to be nice? Caring? Generous? Smart? Love. Hug. Give. Read. It's that simple. 

You are not a special snowflake. You are not entitled to anything. Your opinions are valid. You are valid. But, be humble. Let your actions speak for themselves and you'll find that you don't have to verbally broadcast any success you might have.

Not everyone is going to like you. And, that's okay. You may not agree with others' opinions and the wonderful thing is, you don't have to. However, you should always show respect. At the end of the day, the only person you have to take ownership of is you, so make sure that you act in a way that YOU are proud of.

Don't assume. It's easy to write someone off as mean, annoying, lazy, etc., but know that it is more rewarding to be tolerant. There's a story behind every difficult person - and although the story isn't always justification for rude behavior, understand that you cannot control them. 

Stop living in the past - and the future. The past may have been cool, or maybe it wasn't. The really awesome thing about the past is - it's over. If you're visiting the past incredibly often, immediately tell yourself to 'stop it.' Give yourself credit and realize that the present is worthwhile enough to pay attention to. I have more of a problem with the latter, as a type A planner. I have to often remind myself that while scheduling out the future is exciting, what is even more exciting is living in the now.

Be consistent. I've touched on consistency when it comes to a business, here, but it can be applied to every aspect of your life. My Commit to the Bit QTee embodies what I tell myself often. Do what you love in whatever free time you can find and hustle. If you love it, do it. There will never be a written invitation for you to get started, so encourage yourself.

What bits of advice have you accrued lately? I love hearing what you've all learned - leave comments below xx

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