- 7 Days of Workouts: Volume II -

- 7 Days of Workouts: Volume II -

An old man gives me a thumbs up as I'm running and I try to respond, but instead I almost run into a pole. I am an athlete.

Aside from an HBO Go binge from time to time (complete with Halo Top and coffee, stop judging me) or a really good sleep (I sleep 15 hours like a growing teenage boy if I have a free day), exercise is really the only other activity that is solely for me.

As I anxiously await the full-time opening of the pool at my apartment complex (*Edit: IT'S HERE), I have been rendezvous-ing with running and BBG. My best friend recommended BBG and is a longtime user of the program. I just had to give it a go. A 3 month long go, that is. Here's what I thought:


Day One

3.8 mile run

With swim season fast approaching, I need to up my cardio as much as possible. No, not for that bikini bod, but for actual swimming. I don't want to wind up gasping for air over the side of the pool, although it is such a great look. 

Day Two

BBG Week 12 Monday: Legs

I want to die. This leg workout is so unbelievably rude and merciless. I repeat, I want to die. This is not as difficult as the leg day of Weeks 9 & 11, but that isn't really saying much. I do not have two benches (just one folding chair...), so I had to abridge the 'double bench jump' move. Prepare to avoid stairs for at least a day and a half.

Day Three

7 mile run

As I run, I fantasize about what it would be like to be in a pool. Where my knees/feet/everything don't hurt and where it might be cool and also where it might be happy. It sounds wrong, but I tend to hate running until I hit mile 5 - then I feel great. By mile 7, I call it a night because my toes are on fire. Runners, how do you do this?!

Day Four

BBG Week 12 Wednesday: Arms

My arms are merely a prop and are relatively weak until I start swimming (can I say swimming again? Swimming). I have to modify some of the pushup moves to lady pushups on my knees, but I still finish the workout. The 'lay down pushups with tuck jumps' make me want to cry. I am a weenus.

Day Five

7 mile run

The pool opens full-time this weekend and I am not about to look like a major weenus in the water too. It is during this run that I almost run into a pole.

Day Six


I was on schedule for today be my last day of the BBG program (BBG Week 12 Wednesday: Abs), but instead I eat and take a nap before meeting up with my best friend to go food shopping and watch Riverdale. What can I say? I'm human. I'll save the last day of BBG for a rainy day.

Day Seven


I repeat, I took a swim. For the first time in close to 10 months. I am obviously rusty and look a-fool (a 79 year old man did his laps faster than me), but I did it. Mama is back.


I get so many questions on diet and exercise. While I have done some research on both, I'm hardly an expert or model example for either. That being said, let me blab on and let you know what I've been doing...

My husband is on the ketogenic diet, which is very low carb (virtually none) and high fat. It causes your body to run off of fat, not carbs. Meat, cheese, etc. is encouraged. Since we are eating from the same fridge, my eating habits naturally adjusted and I've found myself eating significantly less carbs and sugar just because they're not around. However, most weekends are spent diving into ice cream (balance?), so not sure that I am a shining example of health. 

I am not following the keto diet. I'm just trying to work on avoiding a boatload of sugar. Anyone who knows me at all probably thinks this is impossible. Listen, guys, I'm trying.

So, that's my update for right now! Let me know if you have any other questions - I did my best to round up most that I've gotten, but I can be pretty forgetful. Also, is anyone else obsessed with the pool? xx

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