- 6 Reasons to Travel Right Now -

Photographer |  Chris Marciano

Photographer | Chris Marciano

I'm sort of like an enabler when it comes to traveling. I am always encouraging people to go to or plan for outrageous destinations - whether they can afford it or not. Why's that?

1. For all of the photos. I find that I take even more photos than I usually do while I'm traveling. As an incredibly forgetful-bordering-preoccupied person, this helps me to really remember my trips. I absolutely love looking back at the cool places I've seen, the delicious food I've eaten, and even the not-so-great parts of travel. I want to remember it all through pictures.

2. For the responsibility. More responsibility? Who would want that? Traveling is the easiest and most fun way to 'grow up.' It gives you a sense of independence and freedom. Bonus, when your trip goes well you can give all of the accolades to yourself because you're obviously super adult, yet totally cool now.

3. For the food. I love going to a restaurant. I love ordering in. I. Love. Food. I feel like royalty being able to sample all of the amazing meals in the places I have been. You don't always have to be somewhere exotic or insane for the food to be out of this world. Give every destination a chance.

4. Because you're open-minded. I am much more apt to do something crazy fun on vacation than I am on a Wednesday night in my pjs. So, get on the boat or take the elevator up to the 108th floor or take that taxi across town to see a show. Because we all know you won't be doing any of this again anytime soon.

5. Because it builds relationships. Whether you're traveling with your best friend, your significant other, your family, or by yourself, there is a relationship involved. Nothing bonds you more than seeing a new city with someone. I have yet to travel completely by myself, but I'm interested to try!

6. Because there will never be enough money. If you're waiting for the perfect time there isn't one. Budget as strategically as you can and go. Save, save, save then go, go, go.

Where are you off to next? xx

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