- 3 Reasons I Love Sundays -

It may just be the fact that it's summer, but I'm finding myself liking Sundays more and more. Why? Well, I'm glad you've asked ;)

Dress code = anything goes. There's nothing like being able to wear whatever you want. The prime example being this hooded cotton dress, which is the epitome of comfort. On Fridays you dress up for dinner, Saturdays you always have plans, but on Sundays, you rest. 

Spending time with my dog. I can't bring my dog to work with me, but I can hang out with her all day on Sunday. We have a jam-packed schedule of eating and sleeping.

Drawing. During the week I make it a point to keep up with my drawing orders. But on Sundays, I take some time to do something creative that isn't work-related. A little doodling never hurt nobody.

Do you guys agree? Are Sundays really that bad?

Dress | Booties

Photographer | Chris Marciano

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