- 5 Minute Makeup -

So little time, so much to do - but in my opinion, there's always enough time for makeup. When you look good, you feel better. If you only have five minutes to get it together, what do you use? I'm so glad you asked:

  • Concealer. They'll never know you were up until midnight + then decided to wake up at 5 am for work.
  • Mascara. This is a must. Always. If there is only one beauty product you use, let it be the holy grail that is mascara.
  • Eyeliner. It's not for everyone, but I stand by it. A bold line on each eye words wonders.
  • Blush. You just need a swipe on both cheeks. I prefer a pinkish hue when I'm in a rush.
  • Lips. A subtle color that is similar to your blush keeps things simple, but pretty.

What's your quick fix makeup routine, lovelies? xx

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