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- 4 Tips for Creating an Art Studio -

- 4 Tips for Creating an Art Studio -

I guess you could say I'm sort of odd. Says the girl who has been known to have graphite pencil shavings on her bed, colored pencils peeping out of mismatched tin cans, and a drawing pad that lives on the living room floor. I'm known to wiggle onto my tummy and sketch for hours, belly to carpet. I scrunch up on my parents' dining room chairs, balancing a shoe on my tucked knee, multiple markers in one hand, an ink pen furiously drawing in the other. I'm also typically in my bathrobe. 

The way magic happens isn't always pretty. Or comfortable. But most of the time art isn't pretty. Or comfortable.

I sit on the fresh carpet of Chris and my bedroom in our new space. The apartment is coming together, slowly, but surely. The TV sits directly in front of us, also on the carpet.

'I want to get you a drafting table,' Chris says. I feel so official. An actual adjustable table with a fancy stool and borderline snobby built-in storage. The thought of getting a real desk before a TV stand seems insane. But then again, so does running a business from a dining room chair. Art studio, here I come!

Here are 4 tips to make any space feel like an art studio:

1. Wheely cart. The bar cart trend forever lives on - put that cart to work. Use the top shelf to hold your tools and the bottom for extra storage. Having your supplies in plain sight and mobile is a win-win for everyone. Now your art studio is wherever you need it to be - because, wheels.

2. Lots of light. Natural light is always preferred, but sometimes you've got to work with what you've got. My mom got me this awesome knitting lamp, which gives me an intense amount of bright concentrated light. For me to see all of the mistakes I need to correct in a drawing ;) It also comes with a built in magnifier.

3. A desk. Never underestimate the power of having a designated space. I know, I know. Although I spend most of my time drawing from the edge of a dining room chair, the fact that a desk exists for me is huge. It's also a great place for storage - don't let it just collect dust though!

4. Baskets, bins, 'n tins. Organizing your supplies is not only helpful, but it also just looks cool. There's no better way to decorate than with your functional necessities. I love displaying my markers in tins instead of in their boxes. It makes my space look way more like an art studio and less like a child's playroom. Even though, let's be honest, isn't that what it really is?

Stay tuned for updates on my art studio! It's a work in progress, but I can't wait to do an apartment reveal xx

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- Holidays with JORD -

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