- 3 Weekend Travel Tips -

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Vacation time is hard to come by, which makes weekends all the more important! Squeezing a trip into 2-3 days can be a challenge, but it is also more than worth it. How do I tackle weekend travel?

  • Plan. Pick 1-3 activities you would like to do every day. For instance, remind yourself that you want to hit up a specific cafe Saturday morning and that there is a park you would love to see Sunday afternoon on your way home. Avoid hourly schedules - remember this is a vacation after all ;) 
  • Go with the flow. Once you're at your destination, ask the locals for their favorite spots. Chances are the restaurants they suggest will be way better than what you googled a month before your trip. Accept that your plans may change - because they probably will for the better.
  • Pack outfits, not pieces. When choosing what to toss in your bag, think in terms of daily looks. Packing your favorite jeans and a new sweater you just purchased seems like a good idea - until you're at your destination and you hate how they look together. 

Is anyone else a weekend travel junkie? xx

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