- 3 Tips for Looking Fully Awake -


I rarely hear of or see a person that both looks and feels rested. I have yet to master the two at the same time. However, I am a pro at looking awake when I'm feeling extra tired. How do I accomplish this?

Eye Makeup. It sounds counterproductive to focus on darkening your eyelids when you're exhausted, but it's not! Keeping all of your eye makeup (i.e. bold liquid liner, shimmer beige eyeshadow) on your top lid will make your eyes appear bigger. You need to focus on lightening beneath your eye - so skip that waterline eyeliner. 

Dress Up. When I'm sleepy, but have to leave my bed anyway, I try to never wear anything pajama-like. If I am dressed in a structured pencil skirt and heels, I'm apt to look and feel more professional (and awake!).

Rely on Water. I'm a coffee gal through and through but nothing wakes me up like water. It's true that if you drink a whole bottle of water you'll look and feel better. It makes your skin more moisturized - which means it's more likely to be brighter + just prettier!

What are your hacks for looking awake? xx

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