- 3 Tips for Better Sleep -

- 3 Tips for Better Sleep -


As I'm writing this, I'm pretty sleepy. And maybe you're pretty sleepy yourself while reading this ;) Today, let's talk sleep! Below are my three tips:

No television. It sounds like a no-brainer, but turning off your TV while you're asleep makes a difference. I know you're supposed to avoid all screens before bedtime, but I find that the TV is an even bigger offender than your phone. It's big and it's bold. Putting an old-fashioned sleep timer on before bed definitely allows me to dream less and sleep more.

Exercise. This sounds like the opposite of sleep - because it is! If you really want to tucker yourself out then get moving. Try to workout earlier in the day for optimum results. 

Pillows. Pillows matter. Make sure you have one or two that really support your neck and head. I notice that I fall asleep so much quicker and easier if I have the perfect pillow.

What are your bedtime tips? xx

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