- 3 Summertime Hats -


I'm guilty of forgetting to add accessories. It's not that I don't like them - I'm just always in a hurry and forget to grab a cute necklace or a pretty scarf. I'm trying to be more conscious of my accessory choices these days and hats are first on my list! What types of hats does one wear in the summer? After raiding my own closet I found the following: 

SunhatIt's big. It's bold. It is also preventing your face from burning. I love my large and in charge beachy straw hat. It makes me feel a little glam while I'm sweating by the pool.

Woven FedoraI am not a huge fan of fedoras, but something about a straw fedora interests me. It's not as extravagant as my sunhat, which makes it super easy to pair with simple dresses.

Trucker HatThe edgiest of hats on my list. Perfect for the beach, a barbecue, or anytime really. If I'm feeling wild I'll wear it backwards. Definitely more fun that way.

What's your go-to summer accessory?

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