- 3 Steps to Editing Instagram Photos -

I get tons + tons of questions about how I edit my photos for Instagram. Having been a film major for four years and working with cameras/photos/visuals as a job, I have a little bit of an unfair advantage over someone who isn't familiar with photo editing. BUT, that does not mean that good iPhone photo editing can't be achieved.

Practice makes perfect! Keep taking and editing your photos with my 3-step process in mind:

Brighten. The first thing I do with any photo is up the highlights in order to brighten the image. Pictures that show lots of light are often the most popular.

Sharpen. Make sure your photo is clear and in focus. When taking a photo on your phone, be sure to use the tap-focus feature. You'd be surprised how many people don't even know that exists! Delicately up the sharpness during your photo editing.

Color Balance. This. Is. Crucial. I prefer my photos to have a more 'daylight'/bluer tone to them. When using my iPhone, it's tough to achieve that look through that camera, meaning that I have to add the blueish tinge I go for in editing.

I'll be doing a post soon on my favorite photo editing apps for your phone! In the meantime, what else would you lovelies like to know? xx

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