- 3 Fitness Tips -

sports bra ,  sneaks .  Photographer |  Chris Marciano

sports bra, sneaksPhotographer | Chris Marciano

Not everyone enjoys working out. I get it. I'm not a huge fan of the gym - or of being told what to do. So, what are my tips for staying in shape?

Walk. I cannot stress to you enough that getting outside is so important. It's great for your mental health and it always helps me sleep better. Even a fifteen minute stroll after dinner can do wonders. Bringing your dog along is optional ;)

Consistency is key. I am a proponent of routines. Implement your workout into your schedule and make it a nonnegotiable. Even if it's just making sure you do a two minute plank Monday through Friday before your shower, trust that it will make a difference.

Know when to rest. This is one tip that I struggle with. If you're exhausted, your body is telling you something. Occasionally, you may need sleep more than you need that hour-long run. It is healthy to take breaks.

I am always looking for fitness advice - how do you stay in shape, lovelies? xx

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