- 2017 Resolutions -


2017 is the year I get married - YES! It'll be a year of changes and growth and excitement and, ideally, fun. I feel challenged by the uncertainty, the stress, and the importance of 2017, but that's not a bad thing! Challenges truly are learning opportunities. Although sometimes uncomfortable, I welcome them. 

I've never been one for New Years resolutions, but I have always been one for self-improvement. Lately, I've really enjoyed the time I've spent recharging and staying off the internet (aside from a few Instagram posts ;). It's allowed for more time spent with family, more laps in the pool, and a more thoughtful state of mind. Below are a few thoughts, both big and small, that I would like to keep in mind during the new year especially. A few resolutions, if you will. 

  1. Read more. I spend a decent amount of time reading other fashion + lifestyle blogs, which I love! It gives me tons of inspiration and helps me to feel a part of an online community. That being said, reading books, news articles, and essays of all varieties might actually inspire me even more. I will branch out this year.
  2. Use my phone less. This is a tough one for a few reasons. I have a long-distance fiance and I love to keep up to date with my best friend. I like to travel for periods of time, which also has me looking to my phone for directions, recommendations, and to update my loved ones on where I'm at. I also love love to take and share photos. I plan on only using my phone during certain times in the day - i.e. only checking Instagram to post in the mornings, just catch up on my text messages at lunch.
  3. Spend more time with friends + family. On weekdays, it's tough to feel like you're not on a hamster wheel. Does anyone feel me here? Work, gym, eat, work, sleep, repeat. I plan on taking one or two weeknights off to have a coffee date with friends. It's easy to exchange ideas via text, but meeting your best friend for a midweek dinner can be a real pick-me-up that I need.
  4. Wear more than my usual outfits. I tend to have a self-imposed uniform. I love to dress for my body type and when I find clothing that suits me - I wear it to death. This year I'm going to wear 3-5 under-worn pieces every week. The clothes that I'm not so crazy about I'm going to donate. There's no sense in hoarding blouses that someone else would love to wear.

What's your take on New Years resolutions? xx

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