- 2 Travel Tips N Tricks -

tote .  Photographer |  Chris Marciano

tote. Photographer | Chris Marciano

I am almost always ready for a night away from home. It's way easier than you think to keep your necessary overnight items always with you and have them be spill-proof! 

Use your contact case to hold lotion and face wash. I have had my face wash leak one too many times. Gross. But when I travel without it my skin freaks out. My solution? Keep my face wash on the left side of a contact case, while I fill the right side with my coconut oil for post-cleanse. Tiny and efficient.

Always store an extra makeup bag in your car with hairties, vaseline, and a small deodorant. Never underestimate the power of a hairtie. Sometimes that hair just needs to go up. Vaseline can act as a moisturizer and makeup remover - so necessary! Deodorant should never be forgotten. Having a teeny tiny extra is always welcome.

What are your hacks for an unexpected night away from home? xx

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