- Winter Wedding Guest Attire -


So, I wanted to do a full outfit post on my wedding guest look over the weekend, but we were in a time crunch snapping just a few photos in the hotel. I love love this dress I ordered on a whim for a classy, chilly outdoor wedding. I didn't get any photos of the heels - but I am obsessed with them. Post on those babies to come.


My advice for colder weather wedding guest attire:

  • Long sleeves are chic. I have been told by several people that long sleeve dresses make me look 'old' and 'frumpy.' I completely and totally disagree. Do not be afraid to wear a lightweight long sleeve number.
  • Keep it form-fitting. If you're deciding on a modest, covered-up look, then be sure to choose a dress that gives you a nice shape. Stray away from anything with a larger, wild skirt. It's the bride's day to stand out!
  • Stay neutral. Cold weather means rich, dark lip colors. Capitalize on this. Also, by choosing a more neutral dress - such as a charcoal grey - you'll have an easier time finding a wrap or shawl to pair it with.
  • Show the right kind of skin. In my opinion, choose one area of your body to show off. It's not a Caribbean beach wedding - it's November-March! You can never go wrong with deciding between your back or collarbone. 

What do you lovelies like to wear to winter weddings? xx

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